Burning Man

A FIRE is a beautiful thing – powerful, warms the cold, cooks the food, drives the machines, seals wounds, eliminates waste, provides LIGHT, signifies passion, and ignites OTHER fires and multiplies the blessing ..

But a FIRE – to be all of these things – must be properly contained, fanned, fed, and directed. In a home, it must be contained in the hearth, or it can burn the house down. In a campsite, it must be nestled partially in the ground and surrounded by stone, or it can rage out of control..

When that FIRE is burning in the HEART of a man, when he possesses a natural ZEAL and passion and power, it takes WISDOM to know how to come AROUND the flame, to set the boundaries so he can BURN and be made MORE powerful and effective, it takes GRACE to FEED his spirit with fuel and oxygen, and PATIENCE to walk with him so he will channel his energy to accomplish his PURPOSE, the very thing for which he was made ..

It takes LOVE to know when to cover him so he calms down, to discern when to rearrange the logs so fresh wind can enter his dying places, or how and when to throw kerosene on the green, wet wood so it will burn hot enough to burn off the water that’s suffocating his flame ..

It takes a FATHER to be the stone that holds him together.

It takes a MOTHER to be his calm and his fan.

It takes a WIFE to take up where father and mother left off, to be the fiery man’s wisdom, to receive him, to be empowered and warmed, nourished and driven, sealed and illuminated and impassioned by him, to be his steam engine, to incubate his flame, to burn as his torch and walk on Purpose WITH him.

It takes his CHILDREN to multiply the flame and take his passion and light to the ends of the earth.

ALL of this is GRACE.

ALL of this is a gift from the very God who MADE him to burn!

And whatever of these graces he lacks, God HIMSELF will raise up the provision for the fiery heart that is ultimately yielded to Him.

God patiently waits in the raging, He gently covers and directs, He vigorously applies the ax and adds more wood at just the proper time, He cleans and repairs the flue to evacuate the choking smoke so the fire will breathe, He lays the gunpowder trail as a fuse to send him out for His purposes, He sends him to the pit to eliminate the waste and clear the land, He lifts him up on the rocky shore to signal the ships to the danger, He locks him up in the engine room to power the mighty locomotive, He fights consuming fire with his fire, He arranges the coals tight and close to keep him smoldering until he’s ready again to break forth, He LOVINGLY DISCERNS and directs the heart of the man ..

And He REJOICES over the man He has made!


“Do not fear;
Zion, let not your hands be weak.
17 The Lord your God in your midst,
The Mighty One, will save;
He will rejoice over you with gladness,
He will quiet you with His love,
He will rejoice over you with singing.”

Zephaniah 3:16b-17

HE is our Heaven!

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17 November, 2011

Perfect Grace!

God’s perfect holiness requires our perfect holiness, OR his perfect (eternal!) judgment on us for LACK of it.

But thanks be to God that his perfect LOVE provided a perfect substitute – Jesus! – so that he would pour out his perfect judgment & wrath on the only one who really WAS (& is & is to come) perfectly holy, so that he could pour out his grace & mercy on all of US who would find our lives hidden IN that perfect substitute – Jesus! – & WHY would God do this? Not just so we’d be LIKE him! But so that we could be WITH him! FOREVER!

This isn’t fundamentally a “perfecting” story – though we are, in Christ, perfected.

This isn’t ultimately a “we WIN!” story – though, in Christ, we do!

It’s not a “look at us, we’re so great!” story – though Christ is the lifter of our heads, and he will exalt us at the proper time! – or, as some of us tend to think, a “woe is me, if only I could be perfect without Jesus’ sacrifice!” story – though our hearts ought to break with what breaks the heart of God.

This is not a “religious” story, or even primarily a “rescue” story – though we are, in Christ, really rescued!

No!  This is, first of all!, a LOVE story!

Our holiness is not the END – it’s the MEANS! That we might receive and ENJOY, NOT our own perfection!, but GOD HIMSELF!

If we do not have Jesus’ perfection – which he FREELY gives to all who would believe on his name! – If Jesus is not our ark of safety, and we do not stand before God clothed in HIS righteousness, we cannot survive the eternal INFERNO of God’s GLORY. But he does not give us Jesus’ righteousness so we will merely survive; he gives us the nature and heart of Jesus so we could be one with HIM!

HE is our heaven!

Glory to God for his perfect grace!
When hunting for a fitting pic for this post, I found THIS blog entry, also worth the read!!
presence of God
In Your Presence, oh God!

BRAVING Trust Connections ~ Brené Brown

I recently watched an online talk with Brené Brown regarding building TRUST.
For my own sake (and by extension, yours), I am copying my notes from the brief but densely packed 25 minute presentation, here [with apologies for hard-to-read formatting – I don’t know how to get wordpress to “fix” the spacing issues on this one]:
GREAT example:  her daughter’s teacher using a “marble jar” to represent good decisions/bad decisions – increasing this number to the point of a cumulative celebration when the jar is full.  Q:  Do you have any “marble jar” friends?  (Trust BUILT over time through a series of trust MOMENTS.)
a good df of “trust” – choosing to make something [that’s] important to you VULNERABLE to the actions of someone else.  [distrust – what I have shared with you – which is important to me! – is not SAFE with you.]
BRAVING acronym (“braving” connection with someone):
B = Boundaries – I trust you if you are clear about your boundaries and hold them, and you’re clear about my boundaries, and you respect them.
R = Reliability – You do what you say you’re going to do – and not just “once” – over and over and over again.  [Seizing opportunity to show care – By contrast, moments we choose to ignore/avoid can be interpreted as “betrayal.”]
A = Accountability – I can only trust you IF, when you make a mistake, you’re willing to own it, apologize for it, and make amends.  And when I make a mistake, I am allowed to own it, apologize, and make amends.
V = [the] Vault – What I share with you, you will HOLD in CONFIDENCE.  What you share with me, I will hold in confidence.  Here’s where we lose trust with people:  Gossip – you have just shared with me something that was not yours to share!  We “gossip” as a way to hotwire connection with each other – but our closeness is built on talking bad about other people – “common enemy” intimacy – it’s counterfeit trust!  That’s not real!  Respect MY story, that it’s MY story.
I = Integrity – 1) Choosing courage over comfort, 2) Choosing what’s right over what’s fast/fun/easy, 3) Practicing your values, not just professing your values.
N = Non-judgment – I can fall apart and be in struggle and ask for help without being judged by you; and you can fall apart and be in struggle and ask for help without being judged by me.  If you cannot ask for help, and you cannot reciprocate that, that is not a trusting relationship.  And you cannot “not judge” others for asking for help if you’re judging yourself for asking for help.  “Helping” but with judgment is NOT trust.  You’re just getting “value” from being the helper in the relationship, and that’s counterfeit!
G = Generosity [cf: 1 Cor 13 love always believes the best] – Real trust presumes the most GENEROUS thing about my words/intentions/behaviors and then checks it with me.  So if I screw up, say something, forget something – make a generous assumption.
This is the anatomy of trust, and it’s complex.
“I don’t trust you!”  What do you mean you don’t trust me?  [defensive]
Be willing to say – here’s what’s not working .. we have a [boundaries/reliability/vault…] issue.
CRITICAL:  This “braving” acronym works with self-trust, too.  (Did I honor my own boundaries?  Am I reliable?  Can I hold myself accountable?  Did I give MYSELF the benefit of the doubt?)
“I don’t trust people who don’t love themselves but SAY ‘I love you.'” M. Angelou
The thing to examine first is your own marble jar – how do you treat yourself?  You can’t GIVE to someone else something you don’t believe you, yourself, are “worthy” of receiving.
~Brené Brown

Movie Review: Bridge of Spies


This is on my definite “must see” list….

Originally posted on The Scene:


Tom Hanks is at his most Toms Hanks-ish in the new Cold War drama “Bridge of Spies.”

As James Donovan, an American insurance lawyer given the unenviable task of defending a Russian spy at the height of the Cold War, Hanks doesn’t adopt an accent or wear a disguise. He portrays Donovan with the deadpan humor and quiet nobility he’s synonymous with, and it could be argued that he’s basically just playing the “Tom Hanks role” in his latest collaboration with Steven Spielberg.

That’s not a criticism. There are few actors whose mere presence can serve as a shorthand for goodness and integrity. And who better to anchor a movie about decency than the actor who’s been called America’s Dad?

Like he did with “Lincoln,” Spielberg uses American history to dwell on national values and humanity. Working from a script by Joel and Ethan Coen, he uses a true story about spies, government duplicity…

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When Selflessness isn’t so Selfless

Inhale .. Exhale ..

Sometimes it takes me a while to “wake up” to the WHY behind my not “feeling” well.  I was never good at “listening” to my body (a big reason I got so .. well .. big).  This includes not paying attention to signals I’m exhausted or stressed or irritable.  Or feeling “trapped” and prone to blame others for making me feel that way….

I have recently woken up to the fact I got hoodwinked, again, by my own “Old Leah” thinking .. trying to bring a lot of factors together to “make” them work to please all involved.  And my “making” it work involved making a lot of “sacrifices” from my own world – time, money, energy, etc.

THANK GOD I recognized the pattern before it got TOTALLY out of control, but there are still some costs and losses as a result.  (“Natural consequences.”)  And as has become my trend (sheepish grin), I flooded my twitter account with a series of self-counseling, “preaching to myself” blips.  In short, I was walking by sight, not by faith.  I was being led by “emotion” (others’ AND my own) and ulterior motives rather unknown even to myself at first, instead of being led by the Spirit of God – our GOOD Father – who is NOT the “author of confusion” (even though I was kinda overrun by “confusion” at times, and tried to manage it and “force” the square peg into the round hole, instead of identifying that I was sent off course WAY back, and could easily have redirected back THEN and saved everyone a lot of grief, not least of all myself!).

In case you are at all wired like me, a recovering “people pleaser” at odds with her own over-inflated sense of justice (my “kind” word for my own self-righteousness), here are my tweets so YOU might be able to change course, too.  I’ll copy here, and retreat to my prayer closet so I can discern the appropriate “fix” .. which is probably going to include some “repentance” on my part for having let things get this far in the first place.


Thank God he is GRACIOUS and loves to direct us for our own good.  <3


  • Need 2listen better 2growing feeling of being overwhelmed..It’s OFTEN a “check in my spirit” that I’m walking by fear/obligation, not Faith!
  • When u bend over backwards 2make square pegs fit round holes so others aren’t hurt or offended, that might not be love as much as cowardice.
  • There’s a difference between sacrificially “giving the shirt off ur back” as Jesus commanded vs. MANIPULATING others by trying 2please them!
  • If ur frustratd bcuz ur manipulation disguisd as self-sacrifice fails 2achieve desired accolades, u WILL hv dis-ease from home-grown stress!


  • Here’s the point: U might not B aware ur a manipulatng ppl pleaser. LISTEN 2ur stress levels &feeling hurt when others fail 2love ur effort!
  • CUT OFF ur stress &frustration UP FRONT! Be willing 2say NO sometimes, express urself &OWN ur decisions. Sometimes NO = most loving answer.
  • Be led by PEACE in ur decisions. God is not the author of confusion, & ur not being more “righteous” by ever yielding 2everyone elses whims.
  • There is a GRACIOUS diffrnc between loving by SERVING vs being a SLAVE – either 2others OR emotions. Dont be ur own emotional whipping post.
  • When u make self-deprecating decisions 2please others (not 2SERVE others), u really can’t blame THEM when u fail 2accomplish ur own dreams.
  • If ur a chronic “ppl pleaser” be prepard, it will take WORK 2examin ur motives faithfully. CHECK urself,SPEAK ur true desires,say NO if nec.
  • GOOD 2deny urself insofar as ur chasing selflessness. It IS Christ-like. But that is NOT= 2being jerkd by other ppl’s ever-changing desires!
  • Have u caught urself in a snowball of iffy decisions? R u bearing fruit of stress,frustration,exhaustion,anger,blameshifting? CHANGE COURSE.
  • We serve a GOOD Father &his commands R NOT burdensome! If u FEEL burdened, could it be ur walking in a SELF-imposed reality, not led by HIM.
  • Uve made some compromises,found ur iffy motivs,&need 2change course? PAUSE,immerse urself in PRAYER so nxt move =led by the SPIRIT,not self.



… For Thou Art With Me

fear no evil

An old, school friend of mine and his wife needed prayer and encouragement, this morning, as they are in an ugly custody battle with her deceptive and abusive ex-husband regarding her kids ..

The word the Lord gave me is a word worth sharing, cuz I needed to “hear” it, too!


Before the court appointment:

… I’ll be praying that the spiritual enemies at work will be thwarted, that the judge .. be bound by law and discern the truth as well as SEE what is best for the kids ..

And I’ll pray that you and your wife are able to rest in the knowledge that regardless of what YOU cannot control, nevertheless we have a God who can “turn the heart of the king wherever He wills.” [Proverbs 21:1] I am so sorry you guys are going through this struggle! I’ll be praying for good fruit for YOU two, for your like-mindedness and unity in your marriage as you wrestle “not with flesh and blood” and for all the kiddos as no doubt they are feeling the stress of everything, as well as being pawned and yanked and manipulated .. God WILL bring healing and good from all this [Romans 8:28] …. <3

Even the unjust judge in Jesus’ parable about praying without ceasing [Luke 18:1-8] ultimately relented because the woman persisted in her requests for justice. I will pray that THIS judge will administer GOD’S wisdom, even if not his/her own. <3


After the court appointment, and SOME small victories in the situation as a result, she expressed weariness over the journey which caused the Spirit to prompt me to say:

I can tend to be an “all or nothing” person .. I have been really struggling lately with depression over my weight-loss journey cuz I’ve backtracked a little (lost 156 lbs, but have gained back 7 in the last couple months) .. I have had to remind myself A LOT lately that EVERY little thing is what adds up to a big difference when all is said and done. I can’t make myself go to the gym, lately .. I just don’t have the mental or physical fortitude, struggling with pain issues, etc. BUT I can walk 5 minutes every couple hours, I can cut back my intake to make up for less physical activity (and thus fewer calories to spend), etc.

I know my journey is NOTHING compared to winning a victory on behalf of your CHILDREN’S welfare .. My only word of encouragement intended is ..

EVERY little decision, EVERY little fight, EVERY little victory, EVERY little reprieve – a minute to catch your breath till the next battle .. EVERY one is worth giving thanks for. Every little thing will eventually add up .. and I’m afraid we little people don’t learn “patience” any other way than going THROUGH the valley of the shadow of death .. [Psalm 23, James 1:2-8]

It can be so tempting to just sit down and put our heads in our hands and give up, but if we don’t go through it, where do we find ourselves? In a crumpled heap, motionless IN the valley of the shadow of death? Why would we want to stay there!

We MUST get up, we MUST keep going, and thank GOD for his promise that he goes through it WITH us .. HE sees us through to the other side.

TAKE HEART, sister. You ARE fighting a good fight.

You’re imaging our Good Father by sacrificing for the sake of your beloved children. He gave all to rescue you [John 3:16, Romans 8:32], now you get to do the same for your little ones. Let this speak to your heart about how GREAT the love of OUR Good Father is for us. He will most definitely strengthen you through this! And in the end, bring both good for you, and glory for himself.

Cuz what’s on the other side of the valley?

LIFE. Real, vibrant, exhilarating LIFE in the fullness of God’s grace.

So trust our Good Shepherd to lead us beside the still waters, to restore our souls, and take us through to the other side. HE is with you, HE is FOR you, whom shall you fear?? <3  [Romans 8:31-39]



The Lord Is My Shepherd, I Shall Not Want

the lord is my shepherd


Romans 8:31-39 (Phillips)

31-32 In face of all this, what is there left to say? If God is for us, who can be against us? He that did not hesitate to spare his own Son but gave him up for us all—can we not trust such a God to give us, with him, everything else that we can need?

33-34 Who would dare to accuse us, whom God has chosen? The judge himself has declared us free from sin. Who is in a position to condemn? Only Christ, and Christ died for us, Christ rose for us, Christ reigns in power for us, Christ prays for us!

35-36 Can anything separate us from the love of Christ? Can trouble, pain or persecution? Can lack of clothes and food, danger to life and limb, the threat of force of arms? Indeed some of us know the truth of the ancient text: ‘For your sake we are killed all day long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter’.

37 No, in all these things we win an overwhelming victory through him who has proved his love for us.

38-39 I have become absolutely convinced that neither death nor life, neither messenger of Heaven nor monarch of earth, neither what happens today nor what may happen tomorrow, neither a power from on high nor a power from below, nor anything else in God’s whole world has any power to separate us from the love of God in Jesus Christ our Lord!

We are so blessed. <3

Fight the Good Fight


Gonna get real for a minute. Someone posted this [pic] on the Team 383 group page, and it struck my center. I am fighting some unexpected pain this a.m., so was already on the “down” side – and I FEEL this pic. I posted this comment on the pic where originally posted:

The “core” issue for me has always been one of this voice SCREAMING in my head that I’m a failure, I’m undesirable, “death would be preferable” .. This voice comes back even now – I’ve lost 156 lbs! But this voice wants me to gain it all back, go back to what I WAS without regard for everything I now am and everything I’m FIGHTING to become. Being able to SEE this voice for what it is – EVIL – is the first step towards being able to call it out, speak to it, call it a LIAR, and take the reins again. How I WISH the “temptation” would go away, never to return!! <3

How I need the FRESH mercy and grace of God EVERY morning. <3

Some practical steps (in no particular order) to get me “back to right thinking” —

  • Intentionally SMILE (my “resting” face can tend to look mad).
  • Along with that, intentionally being “cheerful” when greeting another person (my temptation is to “push people away” until I can get a handle on myself).
  • PRAY
  • Remind myself of my blessings (literally count them!) AND my progress.
  • Practice being thankful for SPECIFIC things, no matter how small.
  • Identify the lies as lies, preach the truth to myself, speaking w/authority of Jesus OVER the lies.
  • Treat any physical pain to lessen stress load (or sleep! if deprived!).
  • Identify some LITTLE things I can accomplish in the next hour (hour by hour) – and DO them (sort laundry, drink 20 oz water, go for a walk, etc).
  • Watch a funny movie or clip – find ways to force myself to LAUGH (to take back control over my emotions).
  • GET UP! Move! (I have found that sitting or “lying down” with the negative patterns is a huge momentum killer – or worse – it drives me further in to listening to the bad thoughts/voices/feelings. Sometimes just simply physically GETTING UP can be just enough momentum to ignite my motivation to choose other, better steps.)
  • RECOGNIZE external signs of the internal attack/negative reality (too quick to “snap” at someone/something for no reason, taking something personally, tempted to swear, etc.) to catch it EARLY. It’s easier to kill a mosquito than a rattlesnake!
  • Listen to familiar/well-loved worship music (it’s not enuf to just “distract” myself, I need to “TURN” myself in a different direction).
  • Read a book/article/Scripture that is in keeping with my goals/new heart/mind.
  • Find someone to speak a word of encouragement into (calling up a friend doesn’t always work for me cuz it’s a temptation to wallow in the negative emotion or put too much value on “their good opinion” of me, but I DO need to get better about learning to ask for help, too! Even if it’s just to say to a trusted inner-circle friend/sister/brother – I am really struggling with THIS right now (and NAME the specific thoughts/feelings)….).

I am very sure I could list more, but this is a start. <3

Add comments with your ideas/suggestions?



Conflict Need Not Be EPIC!

“My brothers, be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry….”

I’ve been doing some self-examination on the topic of my history of being-quick-to-anger and my “adrenalin” response.  I have a pattern of difficulty in controlling my adrenalin levels – you can scroll back to see past posts about some of my health issues and a life of indulgence with food that led to serious obesity – both physically AND emotionally. .. OY VEY! .. :)  (Thank God for his transforming grace!)

These twitter updates come on the heels of some recent reflections which may or may not be related to recent real-life events.  ;)

  • Caught in a “he said/she said” type tango? Stay as focused 2observable FACTS as possible – it is appropriate 2include non-verbal BEHAVIORS.
  • Anger isnt intrinsically bad but yielding 2it is almost always unhelpful. We tend 2prefer 2feel powerful &use anger as a weapon 2manipulate.
  • Patterns of yielding 2anger produce a physiological “1st response” =habitually offensively defensive =VERY hard 2control adrenalin response.
  • Be quick 2listen slow 2speak &SLOW 2become angry, bcuz man’s anger does not bring about the righteous life that God desires. (James 1:19-20)
  • It takes great self-discipline to NOT presume another person’s motives/intentions/feelings when escalating in a confrontation. #justthefacts
  • Conflict is inevitable but it need not be EPIC. We’re all flawed! Stay aware of ur adrenalin response, seek 2CALM &QUIET urself in the fire.
  • A “falling out” doesnt hv 2break relationship irreparably. Be quick 2repent, quick 2forgive, care-FULL 2keep healthy boundaries w/right ppl.
  • Prayerfully discern the “safe” ppl in ur world. ALWAYS hv grace &speak TRUTH in luv. Grace generously welcomes; Truth wisely guards ur heart.
  • It is possible 2b overly cautious w/ur boundaries. Don’t B afraid 2trust but DO be wise about the standards u use 2measure trust-WORTHINESS.
  • Jesus didn’t tell us merely not 2judge – Rather, that we’ll B judged by same MEASURE we use. We must be DILIGENT in “judging” ourselves 1st.
  • I was reminded recently: God says his judgment BEGINS w/his own people, HIS “house.” We must 1st examine ourSELVES, see that WE are faithful!


~Leah <3

For the Godly Wife Renewing Her Mind


Some of my recent twitter captures for the Godly Wife who seeks to be renewed by the transforming of her mind:

  • Read today: “I luv my husbands sex drive bcuz its my chance 2communicate 2him [like no1 else] hes safe w/me, hes luvd &hes highly cherishd.”
  • Read today: “Its a blessing cuz it drives him 2me..binds us 2gether..reminds me of a need in his life..I alone am uniquely..2honor&satisfy.”
  • “Men,much more than women, relate 2a partner thru sex..as evidenced by their fear of rejection, concerns about performance &desire 2please.”
  • Read today: 4men, sex is their primary way of communicatng &expressing intimacy..Taking away sex takes away their primary emotional outlet.
  • Read today: “Increasingly,experts believ sex is a MORE emotional experienc 4men than 4women.Men tend 2express feelings w/actions,not words.”
  • Read today: Humbly sow forgiveness &grace..it takes humility 2b a willing &swift repenter..&2offer forgiveness after being wronged.
  • Read today: “..? of how often shd we hv sex? is not primarily about the physical..as about how much emotional connection do u want 2foster?”
  • Read today: “This recovering-prude..southern church girl is learning..that sex..opens door 4deeper level of emotional &spiritual intimacy.”
  • Read today: “Sex opens up the HEARTS of our husbands like nothing else can..Its where we connect on a level reserved only 4husband &wife.”
  • Read today: “Learn from variety of other’s experiences; books can sav ur marriage years of heartbreak..we need 2b consistently pro-active.”
  • “ppl are better able 2sustain desire when they R motivated 2meet their partner’s sexual needs, even when conflict w/their own preferences.”
  • [when] he gets depressd cuz hes not being touchd, its like little boy who stands in crib&cries 2b pickd up..hes experiencing emotional deprivation.


  • [wife renewing her mind] We let stress drive toward intimacy rather than destroy it.Approach things that normally divide w/unity&connection.
  • [wife renewing her mind] God designd sex 2b like a sacrament..practical gift 2bless,unify &bind marriages 2gether..steward a great sex life!
  • [wife renewing her mind] We hv hard time talking about sex; it hits on..our deep issues of insecurity..But truth is we don’t hv 2stay stuck.
  • [wife renewing her mind] What if I learned 2speak his language of affection &started 2fill his love tank up 2point all he can say is “WOW”!?
  • [wife renewing her mind] What if 4/month, I AIMED 2win my husbands affections w/intentional acts of love, tenderness, spontaneity, &care?
  • [wife renewing her mind] What if I decided that everyday 4month, Id seduce my husband? Pure commitment 2loving him by being a generous wife?
  • [wife renewing her mind] My body=a holy,pure,beautiful gift! I’ll B generous w/it &take every opportunty 2build emotional/physical closeness
  • [wife renewing her mind] Sex=blessing,GOD’s idea/gift! designd 2b amazing &effort taken 2b available=WORTH reward of intimacy w/my husband!
  • [wife renewing her mind] Marriage commitment calls us 2actually luv by actions regardless of feelings.&Good news is feelings usually follow!
  • Mr: Remember 2b tender towards wife. Mrs: LOVE his sex drive! Both: Be ready 2hv sex 1st, THEN talk about stressor from place of connection
  • “Actions of love LEAD to feelings of love.” – Timothy Keller @timkellernyc
  • “The more I study sexuality from a biblical worldview, the more my heart stands in..awe &worship of our good &loving God.” ~Francie Winslow

*Special recognition to Francie Winslow for her blog at http://franciewinslow.com/ for MOST of these little gems – I just rephrased to fit in the space allowed by a twitter post.  <3



The Boy Who Loved a Horse

A good reminder heard this a.m. via the Zig Ziglar vault (which dove-tails nicely w/a sermon from The Point Church I downloaded this past weekend regarding “making room” in your life for God’s prophetic purpose, also! click HERE for a good listen):

Do what you can with what you have –

The story was about a boy who loved and wished and prayed for a particular horse.

His dad began taking him out for work projects – every weekend, paying a little bit of cash for this tool, or that tool, a little mixing cement, etc.

As they began to build, weekend after weekend, neighbors would come by and offer help in the form of borrowed tools, or time and sweat in the project.

Eventually, a small barn by now completed, the boy came home to meet the very horse he’d loved and wished and prayed for.

Patience, perseverance, one step at a time – you can’t do it all at once, but do what you can with what you have, prayerfully keeping your end goal in sight, and God often sends things along your way to multiply your efforts!

Be blessed!



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