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That Moment When Innocence is Lost

one significant memory of talking with Grandma during my recent visit to California:
Grandma (born in Berlin Germany in 1924) was about 9 years old when Hitler was first elected (1933); she had been largely protected from the big bad world through her childhood, and so had an idyllic understanding of life.  She recalled that their family had a maid – to whom she, as a young girl, was often quite mean.  After Hitler came to power, Grandma’s Aryan-German father and Jewish-German mother didn’t really share much with her, but she recalled one instance where she was mouthing off at the maid, and the maid turned on her and angrily said, “You think you’re so high and mighty, now, but just you wait; when they come, you’ll be the first they take away!”  Grandma recalls that the maid went on to mock her for being Jewish (a half-blood); she didn’t say anything to her parents about the exchange at first.
She remembers sitting at the dinner table and staring at her mother, trying to understand how her mother could be like the “Jews” in the propaganda cartoons of that day – portrayed with such huge noses and with such stupidity or wickedness – and she felt certain her mother couldn’t be one of THEM.  Eventually she told her parents about the maid’s outburst, and the maid was dismissed from the home, but her parents were in some ways forced to explain the ugliness of the world to her – she recalls this as the first experience that really “shattered” the innocence of her childhood.
…the more things change, the more they stay the same.  🙂

Truth and Love

some recent reflections:

@Grace2Grow: The real maturing of the Christian doesn’t occur in seminaries as if by mere intellectual education ~ it occurs by living w/in the community of a flawed but redeemed church Body, loving &patiently forbearing, &laying down ur life for another.

@Grace2Grow: GOSPEL life isn’t mere rigorous doctrinal study; rather, it’s COMMUNION w/God, worshipping in Spirit &Truth, necessarily communing w/others who r also united w/God by his Spirit, together growing 2loathe what God loathes, love what he loves, & live as he lives.

@Grace2Grow: We hv 2long cultivated a sloppy acceptance of “truth” as that which is handed to us as tasty, sugary morsels prepared by others. We cannot now expect to have the necessary capacity to examine and test and discern having so long left these thoughtful disciplines to atrophy. And how can we then complain if we discover we have been deceived?

@Grace2Grow: GOSPEL life isn’t merely loving one another as Christ has loved us, though that might arguably be the fullest expression of it. The TRUTH that undergirds it is the very GOSPEL work of Jesus, itself. Had he not pursued us when we were yet his enemies, &died as a ransom 4our souls 2reconcile us 2God, &were we 2remain ignorant of &cut off from this ROOT, there could be no FRUITFUL Love.

…One of the books I am currently reading is E.Metaxas’s biography of BONHOEFFER.  It is … touching me DEEPLY.  I’ve always admired Bonhoeffer from afar, but now find him as admirable a man as I have never known, and one whose story is very fit for our own time.  The above reflections spring from some of the real-life lessons he learned and would teach on.  This book captures well these themes, and works them out in a way that I feel is having a very formative effect on the trajectory of my own life.  If you can manage the time, I highly recommend the read ~ you may find it easier to tackle in “audiobook” format.  😉