Boys Will Be Boys?

Just some thoughts lately.

Men behaving badly – “boys will be boys” – IS a cultural dynamic that has been largely accepted/tolerated/permissed, even ENCOURAGED. And on the flip-side of our society, we emasculate our men, over-feminist (yes, I said that correctly) ALL male motives, devalue their protective and ambitious instincts, and champion the merging of genders – as if that solves anything? (unless perhaps it’s this very socially adolescent attempt to bully .. err .. um .. “correct” bad behavior that has in fact FUELED it?)

But why should we be surprised? If we throw out, as a society, any notion of absolute truth, the only virtue is “tolerance” expressed as “having a right to not be offended,” then everything goes helter skelter, standards are made and measured only by FEELINGS, there IS no objective morality except the majority narrative which is altogether subject to the winds of change, and parents have been ROBBED of the opportunity to educate and talk openly with their kids, either because of their own intrinsic laziness, self-centeredness, fear of embarrassment, or fear of some authority deeming such RIGHTFUL transparency and direction as “offensive” to the Collective or the State.

For all our supposed “openness” as a culture, STILL the best advice given by most dads to their sons is “make sure you use a rubber,” and girls are left pretty much without ANYTHING – including the ability to stand up against “inappropriate” behavior or (God-forbid) actually DEFEND themselves .. Because – well, we’re supposed to wear provocative clothing and we’re built as a culture NOT to praise true beauty, but seduction.

So … what’s a family to do?


Apart from God – or at LEAST the NOTION of an objective standard of right/wrong/ethics/morality, we’re ALL lost in the whirlpool. We will all be abused and abusers in some way, but don’t worry – even the last vapors of any “meaning” to the term “abuse” will themselves eventually lose any moral or emotional buoyancy on the waves of our collective subjectivism and drown suffocatingly in the sea of our lost critical thinking and hyper-inflated, soul-numbing, react-instantly world.


Never you mind; just have patience, we will all be one, on our own terms (or so we think). And thus given over to ourselves, we are already destroyed.


Lest God himself intervenes. Again.




Just thinking out loud.

About Grace2Grow

Leah holds a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy, and considers herself a forever-student at heart, especially of the Word of God. The last few years have included a 160+ lbs weightloss, and a complete re-working of her "inner man" as she has had to journey from merely what she "knew" to putting that into "ACTION" .. a transformation that so rocked her core, she believes God's calling in her life includes a sense of "urgency," as the body of Christ is fully - knowingly or unknowingly - entrenched in These Last Days, just as Jesus prophesied. She has worked in various forms of professional Customer Service for nearly 20 years, from Mortgages and Banking to Automotive Plastics, and values most the opportunity to mediate and problem-solve. Leah has served over the years in varying roles, from Women's Bible Study Leader to Choir Director to Worship Leading to teaching Sunday School to working faithfully in the Nursery. She loves being a Wife and Aunt and Sister and Daughter and Friend, and loves to read just about anything she can put her hands on. She is always re-learning putting feet and muscle to these things, but she has learned there is incalculable value in "working the plan," and "being faithful with LITTLE so as to be entrusted with MUCH." And she is trusting her beloved God and Savior for the "much" yet to come. You can find more of her musings on her blogs at and, or follow her on Twitter at

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