Of Hurricanes and Lifeboats

An unpopular message from Hurricane Sandy: Government is not your Savior, and you may not be able to rely on your neighbors in a crisis because they’re too busy having to take care of themselves for survival or recovery. The reality? We are all too dependent, myself included, on electricity, prepackaged foods, cell phone towers, ATM’s and gas stations. How full is your pantry? How well established is your communication network with your family? Would you know how to get in contact with the people you need to reach if your cell phone was gone or couldn’t be powered up?

Here’s the deal ~ Worse days are coming. Be there another hurricane Sandy or Katrina or surprising inland earthquake, or ravaging tornadoes or oil rigs exploding in the gulf, or a simple rain that gets out of control and floods your basement or a fire that takes your home: You will experience hardship! How will you handle it?

I’m not advocating doomsday preparation in the sense of stockpiles and ammunition etc. (necessarily. ;)) You prepare for catastrophe by thinking ahead, doing what you can, seeking to be wise, and not yielding to fear!

…BUT! in truth, there is a Storm coming that NO one can escape. Death comes for ALL of us. You can be the most prepared among us for another hurricane, but what lifeboat will you cling to when God seeks to bring you home, to spend eternity with Him in joy and love, only to find your sin nature has stolen heaven from you…

Unless your sin nature is crushed, you cannot survive the holy presence of God, no matter how much he loves you, no matter how much “good” you think you’ve done. The only power that can crush your sin and yet purify and save you is the Holy Spirit of God, applying to your heart the shed blood of Jesus who, though crucified, raised from the dead, once and for all conquering (!) death because he did not have a sin nature! And he did this to give us access to the miraculous…so you and I could stand and survive the presence of God and enjoy Him forever!

Jesus is our only true Ark of safety. Are you prepared to LIVE (!) through the storm that no one can, apart from Jesus, survive?

About Grace2Grow

Leah holds a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy, and considers herself a forever-student at heart, especially of the Word of God. The last few years have included a 160+ lbs weightloss, and a complete re-working of her "inner man" as she has had to journey from merely what she "knew" to putting that into "ACTION" .. a transformation that so rocked her core, she believes God's calling in her life includes a sense of "urgency," as the body of Christ is fully - knowingly or unknowingly - entrenched in These Last Days, just as Jesus prophesied. She has worked in various forms of professional Customer Service for nearly 20 years, from Mortgages and Banking to Automotive Plastics, and values most the opportunity to mediate and problem-solve. Leah has served over the years in varying roles, from Women's Bible Study Leader to Choir Director to Worship Leading to teaching Sunday School to working faithfully in the Nursery. She loves being a Wife and Aunt and Sister and Daughter and Friend, and loves to read just about anything she can put her hands on. She is always re-learning putting feet and muscle to these things, but she has learned there is incalculable value in "working the plan," and "being faithful with LITTLE so as to be entrusted with MUCH." And she is trusting her beloved God and Savior for the "much" yet to come. You can find more of her musings on her blogs at http://grace2grow.com and http://grace2grow.blogspot.com/, or follow her on Twitter at https://twitter.com/grace2grow

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